Phillips Oppenheim

We find great nonprofit leaders for great nonprofit organizations.

Deborah & Jane

When Phillips Oppenheim was founded, nonprofits needing professional search services had no alternative but to turn to commercial search firms or specialist boutiques.

Firms focused primarily on serving companies were not dedicated to understanding the evolving challenges, culture and leadership of nonprofits. Specialist boutiques often had narrow networks that recycled candidates, and they did not have the resources to reach across public, business and nonprofit sector boundaries.

We offer nonprofits a better choice and a clear philosophy:

  • We serve organizations and individuals that are mission-driven;
  • Our goal is to provide our clients with choices that they might not otherwise have;
  • We provide the highest level of executive search consulting, and will only accept assignments that enable us to sustain service excellence.

We maintain relationships with organizations and individuals beyond specific searches, and endeavor to assist the sector and those in our network as best we can while maintaining our core values.

Nonprofits come first at Phillips Oppenheim.


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