Phillips Oppenheim

We start by learning about you...

Our four phase process is specifically designed to engage great leaders who are always in demand and who have a broad range of professional experiences.

Developed for the nonprofit sector over 14 years, our process is designed specifically to reveal the strengths, attributes and weaknesses of candidates.

Phase One: The Client Organization. We interview all internal participants relevant to the decision-making process to formulate a position description that highlights the organization's mission, history and culture, and that details the attributes of great candidates. We do more than learn about our client's organization; we absorb the heart and soul of the mission.

Phase Two: The Marketplace and Outreach. We create a target list from our database, networks, original research and nominations from various sources, including prospects suggested by client constituencies. We interview and qualify prospects, brief clients, and identify candidates. We engage new sources and drive the process to offer clients choices they might not otherwise have.

Phase Three: Interviews. We encourage prospective candidates to participate in the interview process, and help our client to refine prospect lists. We guide clients and candidates through the interview process, ensuring that all parties are appropriately prepared and have sufficient information to make informed choices. We also facilitate the selection process.

Phase Four: Selection, Referencing, Negotiation. We provide appropriate support toward building a consensus during final selection. In collaboration with our clients, we conduct references, and help to resolve open questions and issues. We facilitate during negotiation of salary, benefits and other terms. This is a sensitive time in the process, and we are there to help bridge differences.


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